My first post! Confession: I’m thirty-five… and i’m lost

Hello dear reader and a very warm welcome to my site.

After an afternoon of faffing, figuring out this WordPress set up malarkey,  various bouts of procrastination (Instagram isn’t going to check itself) I am finally putting ‘pen to paper’ and scribbling out what will probably be a very short – but hopefully sweet – introduction to, well, me!

Without further ado!

Who am I? 

I ask myself this question a lot!

I am a thirty “something” (thirty-five to be exact!) female and I live by the seaside in Brighton (Hove Actually) and I’m unfulfilled.  Seeing as it’s the title of this post I thought I might as well dive straight to the nitty gritty.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things in my life which bring me a lot of joy. Lovely things like a  squeezy cuddle from my gorgeous nephew, laughing with my funny, loving sister and spending time with my steadfastly reliable mum and dad who are not only still married after forty-odd years, but very happily so.  The thing is, life hasn’t panned out quite how I expected it to (I know, whose does?), and for the past four or five years I have been, and still feel, a little bit lost.

With FORTY looming ever closer, it has invoked something in me.  Let’s not beat around the bush – that ‘something’ is Utter Panic. In my late twenties and early thirties I always used to have the figure of thirty-five in my head as my ‘panic’ age! Crazy as it sounds, I always thought that I had time to ‘get my life sorted’, and now forty is only five short years away!


I want desperately to change things up, and I’ve read enough self-help literature to know that I can’t expect things to get better just by doing the same thing over and over and thereby remaining stuck in a perpetual cycle of mentally exhausting indecision and fear.  I need to take bold action. Not tomorrow, not three weeks next Friday, not in a year – I need to act now. I’m not talking drastic measures here, just aiming to take a small step each day.

I really love this quote:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese proverbClick To Tweet

The purpose of this blog is to provide myself with some accountability. As, let’s face it, a blog purely about me complaining about life would be pretty depressing.  I want to tell you about my battles, my fears and anxieties and the steps I am taking to start to get my life back on track. In turn I hope that one day it may even help to provide some comfort to others who are feeling like I am at the moment.