Taking action towards location independence

Just a quick check in today as I wanted to share something exciting.

I have taken a little mini step forward towards my ultimate goal of escaping the 9 to 5, and achieving the dream of being location independent.

I’ve signed up for Sean Ogle’s Location Rebel – Click here to visit the Location Rebel site to find out more about what it’s all about.

The reason why I chose Location Rebel out of the seemingly hundreds of ‘gurus’ out there all trying to convince you that you can earn six-figures while sitting on a beach with your laptop and a pina colada (have you ever tried working on a laptop outside in the sunshine?! It’s impossible to even see the screen!) was because Sean Ogle does not seem to fall into that camp. He’s not promising you the world and seems like a genuinely decent bloke, who’s upfront about the fact that nothing is ever that easy, it will be a hard slog, you’re not going to necessarily make a lot of money right away, but he’ll teach you the skills to get you on the right path.

Cost wise, it was on point – just expensive enough for me to think it was going to offer some real value, but not so expensive that it would make my wallet weep and make me procrastinate for months about whether it was worth the investment or not!

Of course signing up and parting with your hard earned cash is a great start, but unless you start to take action, sitting around every evening watching Corrie and WhatsApping your sister (guilty!) is not going to get you to where you want to be.

I signed up a couple of weeks ago, and I have dedicated around an hour and a half, sometimes two, to working through the LR materials every evening. One of the things about LR that i’m finding an excellent help is that there is a very active forum. So i’ve been making a conscious effort to get involved in some of the chats and try to make some connections.

I’m currently working my way through the SEO blueprint and my action points for this week are:

  • Start pulling together a list of companies to pitch to
  • Work up three sample articles (1 down)
  • Buy a domain name for my website (done!)

Baby steps….